The Team

Foto Boris Lehfeld

Boris Lehfeld

Managing Director
Foto Alice Binkebank

Alice Binkebank

Head of Project
Foto Happy  


Head of Motivation
Foto Johanna La Motte

Johanna La Motte

Artist- & Campaign Manager
Foto Aleksandra Stojanovska

Aleksandra Stojanovska

Artist- & Campaign Manager
Foto Georg Leymann

Georg Leymann

Artist- & Campaign Manager
Foto Lena Puhlmann

Lena Puhlmann

Artist- & Campaign Manager
Foto Jennifer Olschowski

Jennifer Olschowski

Artist- & Campaign Manager
Foto Eva Preis

Eva Preis

Artist- & Campaign Manager
Foto Natalie Hermann

Natalie Hermann

Artist- & Campaign Manager
Foto Romina Schöner

Romina Schöner

Artist- & Campaign Manager
Foto Vanessa Müller

Vanessa Müller

Artist- & Campaign Manager
Foto Lisa Roeder

Lisa Roeder

Executive Assistant
Foto Tino Hahn

Tino Hahn

Creative Director
Foto Maik Hebestadt

Maik Hebestadt

Head of Development

Creative Service

Along with our customers and/or artists, we develop innovative ideas and create unique concepts that are tailored to the brand and target audience.

Artist management

We understand the strengths and preferences of our artists and know what they stand for. We support you in your professional development and help you achieve your goals. As managers, we stand for our artists and are the first point of contact for cooperation requests of any kind.


Behind our creative artists stands a team of experienced marketing specialists to realize campaigns of the highest quality.

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